Vebro's.s l Andezone, which is Vergnanos subsidiaries, is a shortening of the Vergnano broaches. The production facility is located outside of Turin, in the north of Italy. The company dargbrotschar, ytdriftar, round, both in straight cut gears and helical, segmentdriftar and splinesrullningsverktyg.

Vebro, has produced reams of every kind, both for the internal and external profiles of more than 30 years. The company is a leading supplier for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Produktionanläggningen designed with a high level of specialization in the mind. The CAD/CAM system has helped Vebro to produce a precise and reliable tool, as well as the highest tolerances. This has resulted in a high level of quality in the finished product, which is also to assure the highest possible degree of accuracy. A sophisticated piece of software to help in the design of the tool. With the support of the quality to be guaranteed that the product complies with all the requirements of the production line.

The products of Vebro

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