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TechPoint was founded in the year 2000, and is a fully-owned daughter company of Johan Nordström Verktygsmaskiner AB. The Head quarters is located in Sollentuna, and our main stock storage is located in Vallentuna, both situated in the northern part of Stockholm. Local  sales offices in Linköping and Uppsala is available.


Solid Carbide Gundrill Type 113-HP versus Solid Carbide Twist Drill


Blaser Swisslube

TechPoint proudly announces that we are the Master distributor of Blaser Swisslube in Sweden!

We offer a wide assortment of cutting fluids and oils with the highest performance, suitable for almost all kinds of cutting and forming tooling in all the most common materials. Blaser Swisslube’s cutting fluids and oils for metal tooling gives the user a better net economy, because of the increase in tool life, better cutting properties and a long durability of the emulsions. The products are enviromentally preferrable, all according to the latest scientific facts in the sector.

Alfie 500

Efficient cleaning and management of service fluids have a huge impact on the global environment as well as plant profitability. Techpoint combines long experience in fluid purification with separation products from top class suppliers.

We are a distributor of the Alfie and Emmie.2 high-speed separator modules.

When it comes to service fluids, we have the extensive process know-how that will save you money.

Techpoint has the solutions you need for service fluid cleaning.

Read more about Alfie 500 here…

Alfie 500

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