Carif high – quality cutting

Italian Carif has since it was founded in 1948, has been devoting itself to the cut. The company produces a band of high quality to the user with the need for cutting, such as metal rods, for further processing.

The company produces a band of different sizes, in which the maximum cutting depth is represented by the model. Models 260, 320 and 450 may be thus cut 260mm, 320mm, respectively, 450 mm. The band saws are available in a semi-automatic (BSA), and the automated CNC systems (CA-NC).

BSA – Hydraulic semi-automatic versions

Carif s semi-automatic machines are on their best-selling machinery, mainly on the basis of the competitiveness, ease of operation and reliability. Several patents, has contributed to the success of these band.


These are the versions of the band from the Carif cut out completely automatically, and the pre-set by means of a control panel with a USB connection for charging of the program. The technical details are available in the Carif website.


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