Filtermist – Cleans the air in both machine and workshop!

Filtermist was founded in 1969, with the idea of ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment for the manufacturers. The company, which is part of the Absolent group, designs, manufactures, and produces industrial luftutsugningsenheter. The product portfolio includes a wide range of compact, quiet and efficient dimoljefilter, which is an integral part of the leading producers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

How to use the devices from the Filtermist

  • Dimolja is dangerous for your health
  • Dimolja cause slippery floors and can cause damage to the electronics
  • Dimolja can lead to a load in the vent pipe, which is a potential fire hazard
  • The official regelsättningar around the globe is increasing the stringency of
  • Filtermistenheter helps to reduce energy and heating costs by allowing clean air to return to the garage.
  • No expensive filter media to the switch causes a low cost.

How devices from Filtermist work

  1. Oil spray is extracted from the source
  2. Dimoljan to be removed from the air by the spinning.
  3. The clean air is returned to the factory.
  4. Smoke and steam can be effectively eliminated by the addition of a efterfilter.

A perforated drum with four carefully designed channel will rotate at a high speed.

The oil mist is drawn into the duct where it meets the channels at high speed, which makes the fog to condense. The special tiles to help in this process, in order to filter out the freedom of the particles, and reduce the noise.

The centrifugal forces push the oil toward the outer walls where it is drained back to the machine for re-use or collection. The clean air is returned to the workshop from the top of the unit.


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