DOF Tools

DOF Tools AB

The depth Engineering ltd was established as a result of a research project. By creating a twisting which will give the minimal to the axis, the resistance was able to matningarna can be increased, and, in conjunction with the reduced temperature of the material, which, in turn, yielded a better life.

A web-verktygsslip sourced and of the production in Trollhättan, sweden was up and running. SKF, Parker Hannifin, Volvo Penta, and in Componenta, in Främmestad and Amal was one of the first customers. The depth of Engineering, a consultancy company with a mission in the field of design and strength calculations, etc ..

The consultancy was discontinued in 2006, and the re-launch of the borrsidan was formed in the DEPTH Tools AB Further grinders were purchased in a lagerprogram the build-up and the distribution network was built, in Sweden, and through the agents, of, Finland, Germany, Norway, sweden and Denmark launched a exportlansering. Today it's the DEPTH Tools is a natural collaboration partner for the TechPoint, and list of happy customers, just gets longer and longer. 


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