About us

Techpoint has a goal

To provide the highest quality
for the Swedish manufacturing industry

TechPoint Systemteknik AB, was founded in 2000 and is a subsidiary of the Johan Nordström Verktygsmaskiner AB. The head office is located in Sollentuna, north of stockholm, and the layers of Sweden, both located to the north of the city of Stockholm. Local sales offices are located in Gothenburg, Skövde, sweden, Landskrona, sweden, and Uppsala, sweden.

Our core business focuses on being a system provider of cutting and holding tools, as well as workshop and storage equipment, to the Swedish industry. However, our reach extends to customers in other segments where the highest quality is valued.

The goal is to provide the best total solution, which is achieved partly through collaboration with carefully selected suppliers with well-known brands, and partly through technical support for optimizing the machining process. Our experienced product specialists and service technicians guarantee customer security before, during, and after the investment.

Our stock holds around 10 000 different kinds of tools, such as threaded taps, pin cutters, pipe drills, turning tools, inserts etc. We also offer a range of clamping systems and storage systems for your tools. Many of these items are available for immediate delivery.