Liebherr – Cutting wheel

As a supplier of fly cutting machines and tools to offer the Liebherr Verzahntechnik (LVT) products and services that go perfectly hand-in-hand. Customers receive the benefits of more than 60 years of experience and a high level of processpålitlighet products and first-class service for both machine and tool life.

With a center at the Invitation of Germany, is developing and constructing the LVT as a broad portfolio of high-quality kuggbearbetningsverktyg. The experts at Liebherr are available, with a good knowledge of, experience with, and expertise in order to respond to customers ' questions, and offer support on all stages of the kuggbearbetning. Liebherr offers a wide range of standard modules from module 0.5 to 10, and the shaft of the delivery.

In addition to this, the offered high-quality, re-grinding, and coating of the tool. Skärhjul strengthened ytbeläggs and kvalitetskontrollerads in a fast and accurate process.

Products from Liebherr

Corporate films