Alfie 200

Alfie is particularly designed to remove contaminants from liquids in small systems, making use of the tried and tested centrifugalseparationstekniken.

Alfie 200 is a small, compact, module, mounted on a stand and is fitted with a mounting plate, which is bolted to the tank with the liquids. In the bowl, there is a plunger, which automatically regulates the water inlet for the liquid level in the tank.

Alfie 200 is extremely easy to use. Anyone can learn everything that is needed for the maintenance of the Alfie in just a few minutes.


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Product description

- New design

With new materials and design solutions to make Alfie 200 is truly in a compact manner. Gross vehicle weight, including the frame, are only 14 kg.

Many of the critical components, which are traditionally manufactured from stainless steel, it has been replaced by a newly designed, durable plastic material.

For ease of cleaning

To clean the bowl is quick and easy. Kulkroppen be lifted by hand, with just a few simple steps and are the deposits that have collected on the inside surface is brushed it away.