Using centrifugal separation, high-speed, oil system, providing more accurate and you can use the oil any longer. Alfa Laval Disc stack separators provide you with a fast, efficient, and at the same time, trefasseparering out of the water and the agents.

Emmie.2 remove more than 99% of all solid particles between 2 and 5 µm particles from the oil, and practically all of the water, but none of the additives. Airborne dust and unwanted particles in the paint, metal, plastic, or rubber, to be separated efficiently from the engine. In addition, the removal of water, which would otherwise have additives that are oxidized and degraded.

Emmie.2 remove the contaminants from the many different grades of oil, whether it's hydraulic, or lubricating oil, compressor, or the performance, mechanical, or fuel. The result is lower costs due to longer shelf life of the oil and the consumption of the filter and the oil.

Emmie.2 is a complete, compact system with a separator, feed pump and control system. The control panel is easy to use. The unit is installed in a bypass system, and is working on a continuous basis.


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Product description

The easy-to-use

Emmie.2 it is designed to be easy to use. It is a PLC-based control system, a control panel, with icons and messages that are simple to understand. Convenient quick connect couplings make it easy to connect to the tubing when the rengöringsenheten to be moved between tanks.

Emmie.2 is a compact and ergonomic design that makes it easy to move around in the workshop. You can use it to clean one or more of the tanks.