Alfie 500

Through the centrifugal separation of the high-speed can industrivätskors service life can be extended. Alfa Laval is the so called ”Disc stack”-the separator provides a fast, efficient, and at the same time, trefasseparering of the oil, and dirt.

Alfie 500, removes impurities, such as oil, grease and solid particles from the refrigerant. The result is lower costs due to reduced vätskeförbrukning, lower waste disposal costs and improvements in both product quality and the working environment.

Alfie 500 is a complete, compact system with a separator, feed pump and control system. The device is easy to operate via the control panel. Alfie 500 has a high capacity in relation to their size, and can be used for tanks with a volume of up to 15m3. Alfie 500 is installed in a bypass system, and is working on a continuous basis.


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Product description

User-friendly handling

Operator comfort is a key parameter when it comes to the design of the Alfie 500. It is a PLC-based control system, managed via a control panel. Symbols and messages in clear text, easy to understand. Quick couplers make it easy to connect to the tubing when the reningsenheten to be moved from tank to tank.

With its compact and ergonomic design of the Alfie 500 is easy to move across the floor. It can be used for one or more of the tanks.